Welcome to Fly4Paws. We will provide this ground breaking service to help you re-locate your rescue animals and are proud to connect you with thousands of volunteer pilots that share the same passion!

Who conducts the flights?

Fly4Paws has some rules and guidelines as to who can provide the flight services including types of aircraft.

Go to the Pilot information page for further details.

Please also note that flights are not guaranteed until confirmed. We will endeavour to confirm and get you the flight you require. Provide at least 4 days notice for the flight. The more notice the better.

How do I request a flight?

This website is still in the making. At present please go to the “flight request” form below.

When this website advances you will be able to directly request flights by completing a “flight request” form which will be uploaded live onto the website and then it can be seen by the aviation volunteer pilots. The pilots then can “accept” the request which will then trigger the process to link communications between yourself and the pilots.

What do we need to provide for the flights?

  1. You need to provide at least 4 days notice for the flight.
  2. Ensure that the animal has the ok to fly from a vet.
  3. Communicate any special requirements for the animal.
  4. You need to organise the ground transport to and from the airports.
  5. You need to provide the containers that the animals will travel in.
  6. You need to provide any other requirements for the animal such as medication, mats etc


Flight Request Form

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