What is a Fly4Paws volunteer pilot?

The Fly4Paws volunteer pilot community are aviators from general, commercial or defence aviation background that donate their time, cost of operating their own aircraft (owned or leased) to fly animals to their required destinations.

CASA Regulations:

All flights must be conducted by certified, appropriately endorsed pilots. All flights must be conducted under regulation 256A – The Carriage of Animals.

How does the animal get to the airport?

All communications details will be co-ordinated and provided to you prior to the flight. All animal details will be provided on the Fly4Paws website when the rescue organisation requests a flight (ie size, gross weight, number of animals etc).

A volunteer ground transport person will pick and deliver the animals to the airport where it will be handed over to you. At your destination you hand the animal over to the volunteer ground transport person allocated to do the pick up. All you do is fly for a great cause!

What Aircraft do I need to transport animals?

Fly4Paws prohibits the use of ultralights or hobby aircraft. All cargo (gross weight including animal and container) will be weighed and transport data provided by the rescue organisation. As long as your aircraft and the pilot can conduct the flight under regulation 256A and is within the limits of the aircraft you may conduct the flight for Fly4Paws.

Does my aircraft require any special equipment to transport animals?

  1. As long as you can secure the containers into the appropriate area of the aircraft.
  2. Fly4Paws will apply for exemptions to CASA in certain circumstances where a container is not appropriate. Eg. Transporting a great dane.Under these exemptions, as long as the animal can be secured and restrained so it cannot move on a matted area and cannot gain access to the cockpit or interfere with flying operations
  1. All containers, bedding and other requirements for the animal will be provided by the rescue organisation.

What pilot qualifications do I need?

  1. Current Pilots licence – Private, Commercial, ATPL. (No student pilots sorry)
  2. Current medical
  3. Minimum 150hrs
  4. Current endorsements on type
  5. Current ratings as required

I am interested and want to register?

Please fill out the Pilot’s Registration Form.


Pilot Registration Form

  • Hours

  • You must have a minimum of 150 hours to register.
    Please enter a value greater than or equal to 150.

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